Hypertension Australia is proud to support May Measurement Month 2024

Hypertension Australia is proud to support May Measurement Month (MMM), a global campaign aimed at raising awareness of high blood pressure, its potential long-term implications and the importance of controlling it.

It is the world’s largest free public blood pressure screening campaign and from May until July, volunteers around the world will measure the blood pressure of people in their cities, towns and villages.

Raised blood pressure (BP), or hypertension, is the single biggest risk factor responsible for preventable deaths worldwide. It is estimated that in Australia alone, 34.6% of adults have raised blood pressure, putting them at risk of stroke, heart attacks, kidney disease and dementia, if left untreated.

About 50% of people with raised blood pressure are completely unaware of having it and are untreated. Most people who are on treatment, still don’t have their blood pressure appropriately lowered, and require careful follow-up. As the condition has no noticeable symptoms, blood pressure measurement is the only accurate way of identifying hypertension and is therefore of critical importance.

The good news is that BP is easy and inexpensive to measure, and if diagnosed early enough can be managed very effectively. Blood pressure lowering is effective by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and body weight, but most often require effective drug treatments to bring blood pressure down.

All participants of MMM leave knowing their blood pressure level and anyone who is registered as having raised blood pressure, is given advice about what to do next. 

Since the launch of May Measurement Month, over 6 million people have been screened in 100 countries across the world. 

Over the past years, May Measurement Month in Australia identified that 49% of people with hypertension were not aware, and of those blood pressure lowering medication, 47% of people were not effectively controlled. The campaign provided a significant cross-sectional survey of blood pressure in adults worldwide.

MMM’s Chief Investigator, Professor Neil Poulter, said: ‘Raised blood pressure remains the biggest single contributing risk factor for global death and the worldwide burden of disease. We want May Measurement Month to increase public understanding and help save lives that need not be lost.’

Many leading Australian medical and research institutions have already committed to offering free blood pressure checks throughout May, June and July. Please refer to the institution’s websites for details.

If you are unable to attend an MMM screening or would like to keep a regular eye on your blood pressure, it is easy to conduct an MMM self-test at home.  All you need is an inexpensive validated blood pressure monitor and enter your results in the MMM self-test questionnaire.

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