Cardiovascular research, a major talking point at Science Meets Parliament 2024

Nnamdi Eseme, one of our student members at Hypertension Australia and doctoral candidate at the Menzies Institute for Medical Research recently participated in the Science Meets Parliament in Canberra, organised by Science & Technology Australia. This event brings together leading scientists nationwide to engage with parliamentarians, shaping scientific research and development in Australia.

During the event, Nnamdi engaged with some Senators representing Tasmania at the House of Parliament. First, he met with Senator Tammy Tyrrell (Photo 1) where they deliberated on addressing the unique health challenges affecting the people of Tasmania. Key in their discussion was on early prevention of cardiovascular diseases including hypertension, using health literacy in children.

From L-R, Nnamdi Eseme beside Senator Tammy Tyrrell at the House of Parliament. Photo Credit: Sen. Tammy Tyrrell

Nnamdi also met with former Minister for Aged Care and Senior Australians who also served as a former Minister of Sport and current Senator, Richard Colbeck. During their discussions, they identified ways of creating strategic approaches to bridging the divide between cutting-edge cardiovascular research, improving education, enhanced research financing and effective governance to benefit all Australians.

Nnamdi engages with Senator Richard Colbeck in hypertension and cardiovascular disease prevention. Photo Credit: Nnamdi Eseme

When asked what his key takeaway from the conference was, Nnamdi says:

“I got to share my research on early prevention of cardiovascular diseases, including hypertension, with policymakers, and hearing them ask honest questions about how to apply this knowledge in their everyday lives demonstrates just how important it is for scientists to collaborate and be more involved in the policymaking process”.

Report by Nnamdi Eseme